Windshield Claims

John C. Murrow is one of the pioneering attorneys for assisting windshield repair and replacement businesses against insurance companies so the windshield business is paid fairly. He has seen virtually all insurance companies not pay the vendors’ bills in compliance with the insurance policy’s limit of liability policy language. Insurance windshield claims are almost always paid at a network price.

  • Do you own and operate an automobile windshield repair and replacement business?
  • Do these problems sound familiar as the owner and operator?
  • Did insurance company fail to pay your claim entirely?
  • Did the insurance company pay your bill based someone else’s lower estimate?
  • Did the insurance company pay your bill based on a network price that your business is not a member of?
  • Are the insurance companies telling your business what they are going to pay on your bill?

Under Florida law, the insurance company is required to pay our attorneys’ fees and costs. Your business will never have to pay Mr. Murrow for his representation of your business against an insurance company.

Our Process

1. Factual Investigation and Documentation

We will gather all factual information and documents related to your case. This includes accident and incident reports, medical records, medical bills, insurance policy information and any other relevant evidence. Witnesses are promptly located and interviewed. This factual investigation occurs after you hire John C Murrow as your personal injury attorney. There are no out of pocket fees and costs paid by the client until your financial recovery is made.

2. Research and Treatment

John C. Murrow will handle all research required for the case and assist with your treatment.

3. Claims Process, Negotiation and Litigation

Often personal injury claims can be resolved without the formal filing of a lawsuit. In the event an actual lawsuit will be filed for your claim, you will be notified of when and why that should occur, discuss the pros and cons of a formal lawsuit and you will be kept informed of the entire process. Whether a claim is brought or a lawsuit filed, John C Murrow will strive to maximize the value of your case and provide to you the proper legal advice to decide to resolve your claim or case. Remember, it is always the client’s case and the client’s decision to accept the offer. If a case requires a trial, you and John C Murrow will work together and present your case to a jury.

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